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KUALA LUMPUR - Over 20 people from eight countries converged on the Pan Pacific Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on the 9th, 10th and 11th of August, 2001, for a conference aimed at looking how Profiles International's 21st century technology management assessment tools can contribute to their respective Government's on-going program to create an abundance of world-class companies to compete for the country at a global level.

Delegates from as far as India, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Philippines, Guam and Thailand listened to guest speaker, Chuck Wilson, the Senior Vice President of International Marketing from Profiles International, Inc., Texas, USA, who discussed the current situation and case studies of several highly advanced management assessment tools that are currently in use by some 25,000 clients worldwide.

Hosted by e-Profiles Sdn Bhd with the support from Profiles International Inc.,Texas, USA,  the Profiles International Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Kuala Lumpur is the first ever held in Asia.

"I am proud of this initiative by Profiles International", said an enthusiastic Chin, the National Director from Malaysia, "This is the technology breakthrough in assessment industry, I am sure an investment in using these latest management tools will soon be paying off for companies in Malaysia.It will place them ready to compete and win in global businesses as far as competitiveness is concerned."

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